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Livejournal's First Sonoma Diet Community
day one. 
3rd-Aug-2006 02:59 pm
hi everyone,
my name is nadine and i'm a 23 year old fem from lexington, ky.
today is my first day on the diet, i tried to start yesterday but there was this fudge, like hanging out on my coffee table. so i had a piece. so today is the day.
i'm currently 180-ish lbs, not sure of the exact weight because the scale at my ymca is very unreliable.
my goal weight for the end of wave 2 is 140-150lbs.
once i get closer i'll have more of a deffinent goal.
i think wave 1 will help me out a lot.
i'm a former pastry chef, so really when the mood hits me i just whip up cakes, and that my sonoma friends, is just not acceptable.
so hopefully i'll stop craving cakes and cookies and the like.

how is the diet going with everyone else?
where are you on the waves, and weight goals?
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