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Livejournal's First Sonoma Diet Community
What You Can Expect To Eat... 
2nd-Mar-2006 12:56 am
Gremlin Is Curious
For anyone who has ever tried Atkins or South Beach, you're probably familiar with the Phase structures of these diets. The Sonoma Diet has something very similar, but labels them Waves. Personally, I find the terminology rather hoaky either way, but as long as it works, I'm willing to call it just about anything... and now for a mini-breakdown of the Waves...

Wave 1, the most restrictive phase, lasts 10 days and is designed to help jumpstart weightloss and wean you off of sugars. During this Wave you'll eat lean proteins, non-starchy veggies, and whole grains. Fruit is verboten for these 10 days, and dairy is limited. Your chocolate and wine will also have to wait until Wave 2.

During Wave 1 you'll be allowed almonds, olive oil, whole grain bread, whole grain cereal, whole wheat pasta, summer squash, broccoli, eggplant, celery, leafy greens, beans, pork, fish, beef, and chicken to name a few (a complete listing can be found in the book.)

Wave 2 expands upon the items found in Wave 1, and is the primary weightloss stage. This wave lasts until you have reached your goal weight.

During Wave 2 you'll be allowed everything from Wave 1 as well as yams, carrots, beets, most fruits, wine, and dark chocolate.

Wave 3 is the maintenance stage and you are therefore allowed more latitude in your food choices. I don't have the book near me, but if I recall correctly beer is even allowed during this Wave.
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