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First, my take on it:

Imagine a diet that encourages wine and chocolate consumption. How about having Eggplant Pita's for lunch, and Greek Pizza for supper? How do blueberries and almonds sound? The Sonoma Diet encourages you to enjoy your meals, to savor the flavors and slow down, not deprive yourself until you fall off the wagon. It encourages rich flavors, healthy portions, and above all, turning your meal times into slow celebrations of life, health, and food.

And from the Sonoma Diet webpage:

"The Sonoma Diet is like no other. It’s a diet in which meals are about celebration, not deprivation! That’s because when you're on The Sonoma Diet, you don’t lose weight by avoiding foods. Instead, you lose weight by enjoying satisfying amounts of some of the best foods on the planet.

The Sonoma Diet was inspired by the Mediterranean diet and emphasizes eating a generous variety of foods that boost your vitality, protect your heart, and improve your overall health.

There’s no "diet food" here — just wholesome, fresh, and delicious everyday foods that are easy to find, even easier to prepare, and proven to help you lose weight and boost your health!"

Interested? Come on and join us, and let's see what we can do together!